At the Academy Online you get all the benefits of a classroom education – with no commute and no set class times. The "virtual campus" environment lets you interact with the creative and energetic Academy community in a rich, multimedia format.



  • Advertising and Design (Bachelor)
    A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising and Design from Academy-Online can prepare students for the technology and creative aspects of this vibrant career field. Graduates will have experience in the technical preparation of publication graphics, files and pages; writing and publicizing a public relations plan; creating storyboards for ad campaigns; and editing audio and video for use in advertising.
  • Fashion Merchandising (Bachelor)
    By studying the fundamentals of fashion – design, visual merchandising, electronic marketing, retail management and marketing communication – students will have the opportunity for hands-on experience in business, accounting and merchandising.
  • Graphic Design (Associate)
    By studying the fundamentals of computer graphics, advertising and design, students can learn how to work with clients to help them communicate ideas visually. They will also be instructed how to generate creative ideas for packaging, imaging and design as they become comfortable with graphics programs like PhotoShop and Illustrator.
  • Graphic Design (Bachelor)
    An emphasis on today’s technology, including digital imaging, Web and multimedia is designed to help them prepare for a diverse range of creative careers in graphic design, digital production, package design, illustration and many other growing fields.
  • Information Technology (Associate)
  • Information Technology (Bachelor)
  • Web Design (Associate)
    By studying the fundamentals of computing, digital video and audio, and graphics layout, students will have opportunities to develop hands-on experience in web design principles and techniques. They also can absorb the latest knowledge surrounding the software, concepts and tools related to web design, networking, digital design and web scripting.
  • Web Development (Bachelor)
    For more advanced studies, the Academy also offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in Web Development. In this dynamic curriculum, students focus on hands-on projects and professional portfolio and résumé building as they have an opportunity to acquire career-specific skills in multimedia design, programming, scripting, advanced 3D modeling and much more.