Beauty salons can make a considerable amount of money but they must be set up properly to attract the appropriate client base. Perhaps the most important step that will determine the eventual success or failure of your business will be your own experience and training. For example, you and your employees should be certified and licensed according to state laws. You should also be able to show a high level of knowledge, talent and communication skills. Earning a certificate, diploma or Associate’s Degree from a Florida cosmetologist school will help demonstrate to your clients that you have these capabilities.

Choosing a Location for Your Salon

We’ve all heard the expression “location, location, location.” Business locale is a vital element for success. If you are looking to attract passing customers through your doors and into your salon you should pick a popular, busy location. However, if you already have an existing client base and want to set up a proper salon for them to visit then choose somewhere convenient. Inevitably, you will lose some customers along the way but minimizing the losses will help the smooth transition to your new salon.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Consider hiring other cosmetologists. Try to offer a good variety of services. Attracting customers to have their hair styled and giving them an excellent service will often mean they will use your salon for a manicure or pedicure when the need arises. Many salons now rent out booth or floor space to self-employed cosmetologists. This method gives you a guaranteed source of rental income and may also attract new clients who wish to take advantage of other services offered on the premises.

Salon Layout

Salon layout may seem a petty consideration, but it is far from it. Obviously you should ensure that all the equipment is close to hand wherever it will be needed but also think of other employees as well as your clients. People visit salons not only to have their hair styled or have a manicure but also to relax. If the space in your salon is cramped then you may drive off customers.

In addition to layout, consider the hygiene and overall aesthetics of your space. Your salon should always be clean and tidy. Cut hair should quickly be swept and disposed of after a client leaves. All manicure and pedicure tools and equipment should be sanitized between uses. You may also want to consider investing in the services of an interior designer in order to create an attractive, stylish look. Some salons today even offer beverages such as hot tea or wine to clients to add to the experience of being pampered.

Bookkeeping and Record Keeping

The actual running of your business will determine whether you make good money doing something you enjoy or whether you become another statistic of failed businesses. Poor planning is one of the major contributing factors to a business failing so make sure you are prepared. You will need accounting or bookkeeping software as well as a customer management system. These are readily available “off the shelf” and are much more inexpensive than they once were. Always keep all of your important records and documents. This could save a lot of heartache and potential trouble when taxes are due.

Marketing your Salon

Marketing and advertising are important factors in the success of any business. Even if you have an existing client base you should prepare yourself for clients leaving your salon and going elsewhere or simply not wanting to use your salon anymore. Some people change salons simply because they want to and not for any reason you can prevent. Only by marketing your services and advertising effectively can you ensure that you will have a steady stream of new clients.

Business Regulation Information

All businesses must adhere to certain state and national laws. Nobody could presume to know all of the different laws for each region, so make sure you either do your homework very thoroughly or employ the services of a professional to help you determine what is required and when. It may cost money initially but it could save you money in the long run. Some Florida cosmetology schools will cover these topics in greater detail in their courses but you should always make sure you are following the right path.

Finding a Cosmetology School

View a list of cosmetology schools in Florida. These schools offer a variety of programs including nail care, skin care and salon management.