Q&A session with a Bob C in Miami, Florida who chose to keep his employer anonymous.

Q: What is your job title? Where are you employed?

A: I’m a truck driver at a small carrier.

Q: How long have you been a truck driver?

A: For a year now.

Q: What type of training did you have to become a truck driver?

A: I had to first take three months training at a driving school.

Q: What do you like best about your job?

A: I like to travel-you’re never in one state for too long. Plus the pay is good.

Q: Describe your typical day on the job.

A: My typical day would be to sleep, drive, eat, drive, eat, drive, sleep.

Q: What career were you in before becoming a truck driver?  Do you feel that it helped prepare you for becoming a truck driver?

A: I was a warehouse manager. No. I wouldn’t say it helped.

Q: What traits do you feel are necessary to be successful as a truck driver?

A: First, you need to have good health. Then, you have to also be responsible, punctual, hard working, and since you’re always on the road, basically by yourself all day, you need to be able to keep yourself entertained.

Q: Would you recommend this career to someone else?

A: Depends if they have a family or not. If they do, I would not recommend it.

Q: What is your next career move, if any?

A: I’m going to buy my own truck so I can work less but make more money.

Q: How can owning your own truck help you work less but make more money?

A: Simple.  If I own my own truck, I get to keep all of the profits.  Right now, I only get a part of what my employer makes.  Since I will be able to put more of the money in my pocket, I can work less hours and still make the same amount of money – or even more.

Q: How hard is it to buy your own truck and to drive for yourself?

A: It really isn’t as hard as you might think.  Really, it’s all about the money.  Trucks aren’t cheap, so there is a big upfront cost.  But, if you are a good driver, it won’t take much time to earn that money back.

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