If you’re interested in a medical career but want a quicker education and a calmer setting, a phlebotomy career could be just what you’re looking for. Phlebotomy technicians work in clinical lab settings, drawing blood from patients to examine it for diseases or abnormalities.

The Department of Labor’s Bureau of labor statistics, reports that the job market for laboratory technicians such as phlebotomy technicians is rapidly growing. They are expecting 14 percent growth over the next eight years.

Getting Started

If you want to be a good phlebotomy technician, some of the skills you need to have are being organized, hygienic, responsible, and you must have a good level of judgment to be analytical.

According to the Florida department of education, in the state of Florida, a majority of employers may require a certification to practice phlebotomy, but not all do. Certifications are not provided by the state, rather there are a few different agencies that can provide the testing for the certification. Two of these organizations include, the National Health Career Association and the American Medical Technologist. In addition, some employers may also provide the certification they ask for themselves. Preparation for the career and the certification exam is offered at a number of schools in Florida.


The schools that offer phlebotomy career preparation follow state curriculum which calls for 165 hours of classes. Taking other health related programs at some schools, like general programs for lab technologists, will also include education that will prepare students if they want to take a phlebotomy certification test or to get a job in that career.

As a requirement to begin the post secondary career preparation, most schools will require a high school diploma or equivalent.

Some of the curriculum includes learning, the safe handling of equipment in the lab, how to recognize emergency situations and how to react to them, and learning to identify anatomic structures, their functions, and recognize blood diseases. Language arts, math and science knowledge is also expected.

The cost for phlebotomy career preparation varies a lot from school to school. On average it can cost less than a thousand dollars. Certification exams may cost an additional $100.

View a list of schools offering phlebotomy programs in Florida.

Getting a Job

Phlebotomy technicians can look for work at hospitals, private clinics, and different laboratories.

Their salaries also vary on the size of the facilities in which they work. On average, the American Society for Clinical Pathology estimates they make between $12.50 and $13 per hour, but some phlebotomists can earn more than $40,000 per year.