An Introduction to Massage Therapy

Massage therapy offers excellent prospects for candidates willing to train and become accredited. Accreditation requirements vary from state to state, but in Florida it is necessary to attain a diploma from an accredited massage school and submit an application and fee. All Florida massage schools offer the appropriate diplomas, with several even offering a relevant Associate’s Degree. Deciding on the appropriate school and educational course are two of the most important decisions you will have to make so you should ask yourself several questions and consider several factors before you take that leap.

The Cost of Massage Therapy Education

The cost of education is always rising. It could cost as much as $10,000 to complete a massage therapy diploma, but several times that amount to complete an Associate’s Degree. However, there is help available in the form of student loans. Student loans offer an exceptionally low interest rate and very good terms for repayment. It is not usually necessary to begin repaying a loan until you are earning a certain amount of money or a specific amount of time has passed. This raises the question of whether you believe you will be able to earn enough to repay your loan. On average, massage therapists earn $15 an hour including gratuities but it is possible to earn more if you run your own practice.

Shopping for Books and Equipment

Remember that studying for a massage therapy diploma or an Associate’s Degree will require certain textbooks and equipment. Include these in your calculations but also remember that it isn’t necessary to buy brand new. Colleges and local book fairs generally have some of the required books at greatly reduced prices. Also, try, and similar websites for the books and equipment you need. You’d be surprised how cheap you can pick these items up.

Flexible Study Hours

Maintaining a job while in school is often a necessity when considering a form of vocational education. However, Florida massage schools are aware of this necessity and will generally offer several different schedules to meet the needs of working students and parents. Check that the schools you are interested in offer the level of flexibility that you need and ensure you aren’t taking on more than you can handle.

Differing Course Lengths

Different courses from different massage schools in Florida often vary in length. Typically, you should expect to spend anywhere between 6 and 18 months. You will need to find the right balance to ensure that you learn everything required but without spending too much time or money on school.

Proximity to your Home

Choosing a massage school in Florida that is as close to your home as possible is one way of saving both money and time. If you want to study massage while continuing to work or raise your children then this is one essential step that you shouldn’t overlook.

Prevention of Medical Error Course

In order to become accredited as a massage therapist in Florida it is necessary to take a two-hour class on the prevention of medical error. In most cases, this is included in the massage therapy diploma that you choose but it may not be. Find out which courses offer this essential service. However, if your first choice doesn’t offer this class then don’t worry because it can be studied separately, even at a later date.

Business Aspects of a Massage Therapy Program

Over two-thirds of all massage therapists are self-employed or work on a short-term contract basis. Most diplomas offered by massage schools educate their students on some of the points that would be required in order to set up their own massage therapy clinic. Some students choose to study an additional diploma in business management or business studies to ensure that they have the required knowledge.

Summary of Massage Therapy as a Viable Career Choice

Becoming a massage therapist is an excellent career choice. The demand for massage services is increasing as people are becoming more aware of alternative therapies and looking for the most physically beneficial of these services. Gaining the best qualifications possible will help to ensure that you get the best job or attract the best clientele to your own clinic.

Now that you are armed with the information you need to choose the right program, you may want view a list of massage schools in Florida.