Real Estate sales agents assist clients in the purchase, sale or rental of a home, building, or property.  For clients wanting to rent out or sell their home, agents evaluate the value of the property, prepare the listing, and arrange for viewings and open houses.  For buyers and clients looking for rental properties, agents identify properties that meet the buyer’s criteria, show the property, and assist in the preparation of offer letters.  Brokers and agents do the same type of work, but sales agents must work under the supervision of a real estate broker.  Real estate sales agents need at least a high school diploma and must be licensed.

To become a licensed associate or agent, candidates must successfully complete a Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) approved pre-licensing course for sales associates.  The course consists of 63 classroom-hours and covers topics required by the FREC including; math, English, finance and appraisals. Once you have completed the course you must pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate examination and activate your license, by becoming an active sales associate with a licensed broker, in order to work.

Prior to the expiration of your initial sales associate license, you must complete a FREC-approved post-licensing course for sales associates.  This can be done whether your license is active or inactive.

A career as a Real Estate Broker

As a real estate broker you will supervise agents with less experience to effectively run a real estate office.  Many brokers own their own real estate businesses, while others work with national real estate franchises, banks, or government agencies.  Brokers have high levels of knowledge and/or experience in the areas of advanced real estate practice, law, finance, appraisal, economics, property management, escrow, and/or real estate office administration.

To become a licensed broker you must first hold an active real estate sales associate license and have 2 years of real estate experience during the 5 year period prior to becoming licensed as a broker.  As noted above, you must also fulfill the sales associate post-licensing education requirement before you will be eligible to obtain a broker license.

Brokers must also complete a FREC approved pre-licensing course for brokers, pass the Florida Real Estate Broker Examination, and complete a FREC-approved post-licensing course prior to the expiration of the initial broker license.

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A career as a Real Estate Appraiser

As a real estate appraiser you will inspect real property (land and/or structures) to estimate an accurate value and verify the condition of the property and its improvements. An appraiser must have in-depth knowledge of building techniques, geography, finance, and economics to arrive at a representative value of the appraised property. In order to secure a bank loan, the property must have an appraisal by a licensed appraiser.

According to Indeed, the average annual salary for a licensed appraiser is approximately $30,000.  If you decide to continue your education and obtain additional certification licenses (i.e., Certified Residential Appraiser or Certified General Appraiser), your income levels can increase up to $51,000 or more annually.

Beginning in less than 2 years (on January 1, 2015) new qualification rules adopted by The Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) will become effective for new appraisers.  These changes will affect the amount of required education needed to become licensed and/or certified to work as an appraiser.  To become a certified residential appraiser or certified general appraiser in 2015, you will have to have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher (in any field) from an accredited college or university.  This is important to consider right now if you wish to become certified because a bachelor’s degree will typically take four years to complete.

Appraisers often work for themselves, but also work for mortgage firms, real estate brokers, lenders, corporations, and government agencies.  Anyone investing in real estate will need the assistance of an appraiser to provide them with accurate and concise information describing the property, its condition, and its value.

Real estate appraisal is an excellent additional skill for real estate salespeople, brokers, home inspectors, or other professionals who deal in the real estate industry.

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